About Me

I was the daughter of an Alopathic Doctor. My Father passed away when I was 12 years old. He had a Brain Tumor and Epilepsy and eventually Cancer took his life. This life changing experience left me very upset and confused as my Father was a DOCTOR and “healing” people but why could he not heal himself with everything he knew and with everything he was doing to “take care of it”??  Although this experience deeply affected me it did not activate my health journey until my early 20’s.

When I got to my early 20’s I found myself working in a healthy grocery store simply because it was around the corner from where I was living and it was not until then that I started to “wake up” to the concept of Holistic living which was completely foreign concept. Getting that job felt like destiny for me as it started me on a much needed healthy path slowly but surely.

I realized there was so much connection between what we were choosing to put in our bodies with the mind, body, spirit connection. That when one is off the rest are affected. So many people like my Father suffered and many people still suffer today from a myriad of ailments on the very basis of not taking proper preventative and proactive care of their health. I am accessible to help anyone take back their health through proactive and preventative care for their life in mind, body and spirit. I will meet any person where they are at to work with what works for them on their path back to optimal health.

So while I was starting to be on board with healthy eating over a decade ago at the grocery store, one day a person came to the store to give chair massage at the front of the store. I watched him helping people feel better in another way. So along with choosing to consume healthier and whole foods, I was drawn to Massage Therapy work and the rest is history.

I attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts first to get my license in Massage Therapy and then to study Transformational Psychology. Through all my years of schooling and continued schooling, I have learned a multitude of  modalities and gained immense knowledge on health. Modalities I mainly work with include Myotherapy Massage and Thai Massage.  (Elevated) Thai Massage has been by far the big game changer for my work as I tend to do more physical work with people who really need to get stretched and loosend up but to relax at the same time on the table with a calming and compassionate massage. Courses I completed that I incorporate in my work include Holistic Nutrition, Energy work and Wellness Counsel. It is my mission in life for my human family to become masters of their health with the infinite knowledge available and firmly believe it can be done!